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Please download BobCAD-CAM here. The trial license is valid for 30 days.
BobCAD-FreeCAD is fully valid with the appropriate license.

Setup file 64 Bit v34: BobCAD_V34_Release_x64.exe (08.09.2021)

First install the setup file here above before installing Service Pack 2:

Service - Pack 2 64bit: v34: BobCAD_V34_SP2_4416_x64.exe (10.02.2022)



The last update for v33 can be found here

Setup file 64 Bit v33: BobCAD_V33_SP3_x64.exe (09.09.2021)

During the installation, you can select the language in which the program should run.
German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech and Turkish are available.

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