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Please download RoboDK here. The trial license is valid for 30 days.

Windows 64 Bit: Install-RoboDK-64-v5.7.2-24169.exe (18.04.2024)

Windows 32 Bit: Install-RoboDK-32-v5.7.2-24169.exe (18.04.2024)

MAC 64 Bit: Install-RoboDK-24169.dmg (18.04.2024)

Ubuntu 64 bit: Install-RoboDK-24169.tar.gz (18.04.2024)

Raspberry Pi: Install-RoboDK-Pi-24169.tar.gz (18.04.2024)

Android: Android App (28.02.2024)

iPhone: iPhone App (28.02.2024)


Getting Started

Importing STEP and IGES files is only supported on Windows.
To uninstall RoboDK, you have to select "Uninstall RoboDK" in your start menu under Windows or run the maintenance tool on other platforms.