Fast & Efficient CAD-CAM For CNC Routers

The new BobCAM for RHINOCEROS Gold Partner CAM programming solution for CNC routers allows you to program efficient toolpath strategies for simple and complex part models right inside of RHINOCEROS. It offers 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining capabilities and an easy to use wizard driven interface so you can spend less time programming and more time cutting. It’s the perfect CNC router CAM programming solution for artistic woodworking, engraving, production shape nesting, sign making, and much more.

NEW FEATURE: Job Templates

BobCAM’s New Job Templates allow you to program faster with fewer clicks. Save your stock, set up location, machining features and more. Great for similar projects, part revisions, and standard processes. Get more done with fewer steps using BobCAM V8.

Features of BobCAM for RHINOCEROS for CNC Routers

Use the new BobCAM for RHINOCEROS CNC router software to seamlessly transition from designing your 2D and 3D models to applying advanced high-speed toolpath strategies right inside of RHINOCEROS. The wizard driven interface for CNC router operations takes the guesswork out of CNC programming while Dynamic Machining Strategies™ reduces programming time by allowing you to assign multiple cutting strategies to a single feature. Advanced simulation features let you to visually inspect and confirm your work to give you the peace of mind in your CNC programming.


Text & Letters

Text & Letters

Design and machine letters for engraving, cutouts and raised/lowered text. Special toolpath options for push through letters and settings to eliminate breakout.



Hold your parts in place using BobCAD-CAM’s user-defined tab system. The software offers you the option of picking your tab locations manually or automatically, allowing you to select number of tabs, distance between tabs along with the height, width, and angle of tabs to give you complete control of your part tabs.



Remove material based on user selected closed chain(s) / boundaries. Choose from 1 of 10 pocketting patterns allowing users to work from the outside in, inside out, open shapes , multiple boundaries with islands and rest machining. (toolpath options based on level of software purchased)

Corner Types

Corner Types

Independent control of internal and external corners allowing users to customize how toolpath transitions. Choose from: sharp, round, loop radius, loop length, triangle and bisect line. Commonly used to relieve inside corners for push through shapes.



Control how your tool enters and exits the cut. Choose from vertical, parallel, right angle circular and blended leads with optional overlap amount to ensure your exit move is past the entry move.

Multiple Setup Locations

Multiple Setup Locations

Define multiple workoffset locations used for 2 sided machining, work zones / vacuum pods, 2 table setups and more.

3 Axis

3 Axis

Simple and advanced 3D roughing, semi finishing and finishing strategies allow users of all skill sets to take on 3D projects with the confidence and tools to go from concept to reality.

4 Axis

4 Axis

Index your 4th axis to machine on different sides of your part. Use wrapping groups to machine features into cylindrical stock or go full 4D using rotary toolpaths that are applied directly to solids. Need Ture 4 Axis? BobCAD’s premium toolpaths offers you the advanced functionality you’re after.

5 Axis

5 Axis

Use index systems for 3 + 2 or machine around corners and on compound curves with our 5 Axis wireframe toolpath. Take your cutting power to the next level with BobCAD’s 5 Axis Pro where you unlock all of our toolpath options for Ture 5 Axis roughing, semi finishing and finishing.

Post Processors

Post Processors

Standard post processors are available for download supporting popular machine / controller configurations. Users can open a post processor in a text editor and make changes as needed. For special posting options use the post processors API to add features for drill backs, saws and other functionality required by the router market.



Watch a 3D simulation of your toolpaths in a virtual machining environment. Run, stop, fast forward, step forward, step back, jump to the next or previous operation and more.



Learn about your toolpaths and settings with reporting tools that provide real time feedback. Get detailed reports about: Cycle time, distance traveled, number of tools used, remaining stock and more!



Tool Crib

Job Setup Wizard

Dynamic Machining Strategies™

Copy & Paste Operations

Expand & Collapse in Tree

Customizable Setup Sheets

Stock Wizard

Multiple Machine Setups

Material Speed & Feed Library

Tool Holder Library

Individual & Compound Drilling Operations

Tool Database

Material Based Calculated Feeds & Speeds

Ability to Save & Load Features

3D Simulation

Work Offset Selection

Coolant Selection

Sub Program Output

3D Arc Fit – G17, G18, & G19 Plane Cutting

Associative CAM Tree

Part & Assembly Programming

Tool Library

Tool Crib

Tool Holders Library

Stock Wizard

Setup Sheet

Tool List

Feature-based Programming

Save & Load Features

Copy & Paste Features

Multiple Machine Setup Locations

Material Library

Dynamic Machining Strategies

Toolpath Backplot

Toolpath Editor

Solid 3D Simulation

Toolpath Statistics

Feedrate Mapping

Universal Post Processor

3D Arc Filter ( G17, G18, G19 Plane Cutting )

Associative CAM Tree

Toolpath Groups

Toolpath Patterns (Transform/Rotate)

Tool Dominate Machining Order

Feature Dominate Machining Order

Feature Geometry Picking Manager

Toolpath Wizard

Machine Sequence Sort Order Optimization



OD/ID Rouging

OD/ID Finishing

OD/ID Grooving



Cut Off with Chamfer & Fillet Corner Break Options

Stock Feed

Pattern Repeat Cycles

Auto-Assignment of Finish Passes




ISO Tool Definition

C, D, E, M, R, S,T, V, W Standard Insert Geometry

Laydown & Top Notch Threading Inserts

Custom Tool Profiles

Tip, Corner & Center Reference Point

Tool Holder Definition ( Left / Right, Neutral, Back )

Custom Tool Holder Profiles

Tool Nose Compensation

Remove Undercut

Region Programming

Toolpath Contraints

Toolpath Trim/Extend

Trim To Stock/Operation Stock

Advanced Feedrates



OD , ID , Front Face, Back Face Cycles

End Face



Hole/Tapped Hole

Threading Straight & Tapered

Cut Off

Stock Handling